Ten Books That Screwed Up the World

An Australian website has an article about ten books that have (allegedly) screwed the world up.  How many have you read?  (Supplementary question: what torsion of screwing-up did the reading effect upon you?) [AR]


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One response to “Ten Books That Screwed Up the World

  1. Doug Cowie

    I’ve just gotten around to reading this article, and without wishing to start an enormous debate, I would like to point out that both the review and the book itself provide a good example of why you need to be careful and critical when thinking about the information you read. First of all, the list takes in a wide variety of thought, albeit mostly restricted to European/American thought of the past 250 or so years. It analyzes most of these books from a reductive position that begins with the premise that since they are not works of Christian theological thought, they are fundamentally flawed, and this position is endorsed by the reviewer. It also makes some inaccurate generalizations. To take one, very obvious example: the article offers by way of apology, the sentence: “These fifteen books were certainly all great books.” The author has, I would hope inadvertently, called Mein Kampf a great book. Even putting this (far from great) book on the list in the first place misses the point: Mein Kampf did not “screw up the world.” The guy who wrote it did. The book, which was hardly read by anybody anyway, had nothing to do with it. Or maybe I’m just angry because Marx and Nietzsche are both on the list.

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