To all CW students: good to see you yesterday. Most of you, anyway.

To reiterate a few points.  A good deal of CW-related stuff happens in the English department. If you’re a CW-Drama student, then it will be worth your while to drop in from time to time.  You’ll find, on the top floor of the International Building, timetables, seminar lists, anouncements and most of the teaching team.  This week is induction, and teaching begins next week: so things like timetables and class lists, whilst mostly fixed, are still bound to be a little fluid.  Check to be sure.  [For example!  I told the third years that my lectures for EN3100 Creative Industries will take place on Thursday; but they’ve now been moved to Frdays from 12-1.]

The courses listed at the back of the Student Handbook are indicative: for detailed specifics on individual courses (things like the correct deadlines for work submission) check the specific course booklets for each book. If you don’t have the course booklets, pick them up from the secretaries’ office in the English department.

First years: check the English office for a message from your Personal Advisor: s/he will want to have a meeting with you.

Finally: this blog will work best if you all check it regularly and comment: ideally it should be a kind of virtual hub, complementing the course.  If you have anything you feel merits posting here–events, news, Really Cool Things–then email me with them, and I will post them.  Probably. [AR]


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