Fresh Fruit

Dear All,
I thought that you might be interested in the following new project….
FRESH FRUIT + TABLES by David Bellingham ** is a collaboration between The Changing Room gallery and Off The Page Stirling book festival, taking the artist’s work out of the gallery and onto the page. It uses the book’s distribution through the UK library network to create a sort of simultaneous touring exhibition that encounters new audiences on an individual basis.

** if not up to speed, go to < >.

(He has a concurrent exhibition of new work at The Changing Room, Stirling, until 4 October
< … angingroom >.)

FRESH FRUIT + TABLES contains over 140 pages of new works – from playful and fun to complex wordplays – responding to the positioning of text, image and space on the page, with the formal restriction of using only black print on white paper. The sequence of the book establishes narrative and thematic relationships between works, offering a conscious approach to reading and thinking.

A major consideration of any publication is how and where it should be distributed. FRESH FRUIT + TABLES uses the bookform and its distribution as a central part of the work. It circumvents the usual commercial systems for art books and artists’ works by using a selected group of libraries as distributors. In this way the book might also be considered a public artwork.

Around 200 reference and loan copies have been distributed to specialist libraries in the UK.
[See listing at < … esbite.pdf >].

A selection of key locations will receive large quantities for library users to take away and keep, free of charge:

The Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre
The National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum

National Library of Scotland
Scottish Poetry Library

Mitchell Library

– all local branch libraries throughout the area
Stirling Central Library
University of Stirling Library

NB the free copies will only be available in these locations for a limited period – until stocks run out.

If you have difficulties getting a copy contact < >.

From September, the book will also be available as a PDF download.



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