Atlas of the Real World

Via the always-stimulating Boing Boing, I came across the link for Worldmapper’s Atlas of the Real World. One map in particular caught my eye: the global map as adjusted to represent the number of individual books published in each country any given year. Britain, as you can see, is huge. From the original site:

“Each new book published is counted only once on this map, regardless of how many copies it sells… A book is defined as having at least 50 pages; a pamphlet has 5 to 49 pages. Publications with fewer than 5 pages are not shown on this map. Worldwide, about a million new book titles were published in 1999, with the largest numbers published in the United Kingdom, China and Germany. Overall, the map is dominated by Western Europe, which is home to a number of well established publishing houses.”

Check out the other maps on the site too: all very interesting. [AR]


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