Writer-Illustrator Collaboration – writer needed!

(Please note this opportunity for collaboration and contact Sara if interested … )

I am a Final year BA honours student Graphic and Media Design, Illustration – at the London College of Communication and am just starting one of my final projects which will be an illustrated book – this will be an A3 size (minimum – might turn into an A2) which’s stories I will illustrate. I will also design and put the book together (literally – bind it, etc).

I would like to propose a collaboration between one or more of your Creative Writing students. I am looking for someone interested in writing a short story, poetic narrative or a chapter of a poetic novel inspired on this place http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinta_da_Regaleira (Quinta da Regaleira). Maximum of 10 pages, but can be as small as a page.

I am looking specifically for someone who likes Lautréamont’s Chants de Maldoror, who is inspired in his/her writing by The Decadents’ movement, Aubrey Beardsley or even Marquis de Sade.

The theme is Sin. Everything is game: sexual content, death, putrefaction, gay, straight, human, mutation, monster – i would rather avoid stories about toddlers/peadophilia but everything else goes.

It could be an existing text as long as it fits the theme and location – and hasn’t been properly published before.

I cannot offer money but I will make the illustrations for each story available to the writer to use as he pleases (within reason). I also intend to get the book published and if so then there will be money involved.

I can be contacted via sarafeio@live.com or 07527794332

Thank you,

Sara Feio


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