Groups B and C … apologies for the hiccough over today’s sessions: normal service will be resumed next Friday.

Group A:  This is what we have.  Picture a woman old enough to have an adult son; she is sitting brushing her hair; she sees goblins.

 She was tying up her long hair.  Not all of her hair was white; some black strands were snagged in the bristles of the brush.


 Is this enough to characterise her?  What else should we do?  Please post your suggestions in the comments box.

In other news: here are some less than conventional thoughts on characterisation from one of our course tutors.  [AR]


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  1. Kayleigh

    I think that, instead of black hairs being caught in the brush, she should just notice it differently in the light. A rubbish example:

    “the sunlight caught a few strands and re-envoked the faded lustre of her once golden hair. For a moment she sat there, entranced by the yellow tresses hanging about her shoulders, and then the sun moved behind a cloud, leaving the dull white wisps trailing sadly through her fingers”

    Maybe just something more subtle than startling black hairs in a brush?

    (I have copied and pasted this from the original place I stuck it… and now I feel ashamed!)

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