2008 Nobel Prize for Literature Announced

You will be as thrilled as I was to have heard that Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio has won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature. By ‘as thrilled as I was’ what I mean is that you, just like me, will have gone: ‘who?’ Still, it is good to have hitherto-unknown literary masterpieces brought to our attention, I think. Over at The Valve I’ve published a short article about this, which you may, or may not, want to read. [AR]


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One response to “2008 Nobel Prize for Literature Announced

  1. The fact that a French-man won the Nobel Prize for Literature will certainly annoy the anglophiles. After all, everyone now accepts that English is the international language.

    I apologise for the satire, but speak as a native English speaker. Then, if English is unacceptable, on grounds of linguistic imperialism, what about Esperanto?

    Yes Esperanto was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature, in the name of Icelandic poet Baldur Ragnarrson.

    This is true. Esperanto does have its own original literature. Please check http://www.esperanto.net to confirm.

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