CW3100 – Case Studies and Essays

This is a message for CW3100 students:

Please send me the address and names of the people in your blog asap.

Case-Studies will be presented in Weeks 9 and 10.

Each group will lead the a portion of the seminar. As a group you will be responsible for co-ordinating the presentation of your members’ research. Please remember that you are expected to have made at least four significant posts this term and that your ideas for the case study and presentation should grow out of this. Common threads and overlapping ideas should be beginning to emerge around specific examples…

All students need to send me a title and summary of your proposed essay topic (no more than a page) asap. Thank you to those who have already done so. Please include the address of your blog on your proposal as well as your contact details.

I will be available for consultations re: Creative Industries in reading week on Tuesday 4th of November. Please come and sign up for a time–the sheet is posted on my office door.



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