Five Dials

James Chant (the RHUL creative writing student James Chant, that is) asks me to spread the word about a new literary magazine called Five Dials. The first two issues are available at that link there (, and feature writing from Iain Sinclair, Alain de Botton, Raymond Carver, Rachel Lichtenstein and Arthur Bradford, amongst many others. If you subscribe, then every month they email a new issue to your inbox as a PDF file.

The magazine is produced by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Books UK. Quoth James: “wth fiction, dispatches, current-ish events, poetry and excerpts from the HH archives, Five Dials is always full of great material. Also, it’s not too long. It won’t sit on your ‘To Be Read’ stack. Also, subscription is free.”

He adds that the magazine does not only publish Hamish Hamilton authors, or Penguin authors, or indeed only published authors. They are “looking for new voices and new submissions from writers around the globe.”



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