Dean Koontz may be insane

Dean Koontz is a bestselling horror or ‘dark thriller’ writer. He has a website. On this website he has now posted what may be (and I appreciate this is a big claim, given the amount of oddball stuff there is on the internet) the single craziest thing I have ever seen on the web: an animated conversation with his dead dog. Really, it defies summary. If this is an example of what an author’s life does to an author, it may make would-be writers think long and hard about their prospective career. For that reason alone I recommend you check the link. [AR]



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5 responses to “Dean Koontz may be insane

  1. lara

    That is actually terrifying

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  3. Doug Cowie

    It’s difficult to decide what’s the nuttiest part of the conversation. And that’s if you can get over the premise in the first place. I notice there’s a whole archive of (presumably pre-death) conversations between Dean and Trixie. Perhaps the long hard think here should be about the fact that it’s a good idea for writers to have jobs that get them out of the house, no matter how wealthy their crappy horror novels make them.

  4. You’re not wrong, brother.

  5. scribbleproject

    I think it’s brilliant!
    The cheap, nasty, ‘face you right in the eye’ animation, that cloying sentimentality that makes you want to painfully regurgitate your own last dead dog –
    My sincered thanks to Dean – this has encouraged me to carry on writing until I reach the pits of numbed insanity, a level I never dreamed would be possible – until now……………………

    Nicola Hart

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