Owen Noone et Marauder

You’ll know (and if you don’t, shame on you!) Douglas Cowie’s excellent novel Owen Noone and the Marauder (2006), certainly one of the best fictional accounts of the contemporary music scene.  But it’s possible you won’t yet have seen this video: the French band Deskaya performing a song inspired by Doug’s novel (“Les paroles de la chanson sont tirées du livre Owen Noone et Marauder, écrit par Douglas Cowie, que je recommande à quiconque…” ).  It’s superbe.  In particular I like the moment when the keyboard arpeggios start playing:  it makes the piece sounds almost Prog-like, which is just grand for an old Prog-fan like myself.  Not that Owen Noone and the Marauder has much truck with Prog, of course.  [AR]


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  1. Hello,
    here you can find the CD version of “Owen Noone & Marauder” recorded in july 2009 in France near Valence.
    Best Wishes
    David and the french band Deskaya

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