Stephenson’s Anathem

It’s a big book, making a big splash in the world of SF. (Although I’ve never understood why the idiom ‘making a big splash’ is supposed to be a way of praising something. Doesn’t it make you think of something dropped off the edge of a cliff? Or into a toilet? Be honest.  If an Olympic diver made a big splash, s/he’d lose points.  When is it ever good to make a big splash?)

Anyway, not to get sidetracked.

So, you want to review it … you really do. But the conventional critical terminology just doesn’t seem adequate. The thing to do? Invent a new critical terminology (at least as far as SF criticism is concerned).  [AR]



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7 responses to “Stephenson’s Anathem

  1. rhulcreativewriters

    Very useful. I see wordbling and spoilbinding – as virtues and vices – everywhere. Fanbesity is of course what happened to Dr Who in the early eighties. Shouldn’t tekst be techst? [DR]

  2. You think ‘techst’ would be more echt? Sounds a bit too German to me.

    The new Doctor takes skinny too far, I’d say.

  3. Doug Cowie

    There’s nothing wrong with sounding German.

  4. rhulcreativewriters

    Glad you think so.


    Walt Anschauung

  5. Well, Germanic or not, there’s been buzz. Some people like it; Others not so much. (From that last link: ‘well up his own orifice and smugly pleased with himeself to be so!’ Doesn’t sound very comfortable, to me).

  6. It’s the aura of danger that makes you Theatre types so darkly charismatic …

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