Creative Exhibition

A day to celebrate all that Royal Holloway has to offer in terms of creativity, but stemming from the literary arts…anyone/everyone is welcome to submit, the bigger this is the better it should be.

If anyone has creative industries stuff, graphic work, music, poetry readings, art…ANYTHING they would like to include, email me, text me, collar me in the streets. You get the idea.

My email address is, there is a group on Facebook called ‘Creative Writing Exhibition’ so feel free to join and message me there as well.

The date is 27th of April. It’s the first day of the summer term, deadline day, meaning:

1. We’re finished! (some of us)

2. We’ll be at a loose end…not sure what to do with ourselves, now it’s over.

3. Plenty of people will be on campus.

4. It’s in the Student Union so the bar is open (always attracts a crowd), there will be lots of people around so lots of places to get yourself read and heard.

There are some spaces for poetry readings and performances that would be lovely to have filled. Some people are going to read favourite works of theirs or others, some are just going to hold workshops.

For more information on what’s going on on the day so far and to get some inspiration of how to be involved join the group, or email me on the above email. Rhiannon Smith


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