Personal Appearance

Go into the Waterstone’s in Staines and you’ll find the following flyers being handed out.
That’s one high budget piece of advertising, right there.  Now, I shall expect to see RHUL creative writing students there, on the 18th, in Staines.  Or, put it this way: if I notice that any RHUL creative writing students are absent, then woe betide them. Woe, I say!  Plus it will give you the chance to buttonhole me whilst I’m on sabbatical. [AR]



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3 responses to “Personal Appearance

  1. Doug Cowie

    Didn’t there used to be a tag for shameless self-promotion?

    I’m just asking, is all.

  2. Dan Rebellato

    On the technical basis that this posting actually makes Adam seem worse, it probably doesn’t count. Shameless, yes; self-promotion, no.

  3. Can’t you sign them for us at university? 😀

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