Novel Shortlisted for Minor Award

Eyecatching headline, eh?

Swiftly MMP

The news has been broken to a world agog that Swiftly, a novel by a member of the RHUL CW teaching team, has been shortlisted for the 2009 Sidewise Award.  The Sidewise is awarded to the year’s best novel of Alternate History (last year’s winner was Michael Chabon’s Yiddish Policeman’s Union).  Let the glad news ring out!  [AR]



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15 responses to “Novel Shortlisted for Minor Award

  1. Doug Cowie

    Woo-hoo! I’ve read this novel. It is indeed good, prizeworthy even, although there’s a line of dialogue written in palindrome. I’m going to send it to Bono so he can write a poem about it. Will the King of High-Concept Sci-Fi be crowned the Emperor of Alternate History?

  2. Thanks Doug!

    You say ‘…although…’; I think you mean ‘…because…’

  3. Doug Cowie

    Yeah. Although because I because although. Yeah.

  4. Dan Rebellato

    I think you’ve missed the really big story, which is Minor Playwright Nominated For Prize He Will Not Win.

    Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

  5. Doug Cowie

    CAVALRY was broadcast on Radio 4 in March 2008 and described by one critic as ‘brilliantly clever, often very funny, and surprisingly terrifying’.

    Interestingly enough, I said the same thing about DAN REBELLATO after spending an evening drinking pints with him. He and his plays are very much alike, I guess.

  6. Congratulations to Dan! Although there are a couple of typos on the other end of that link, relating to the description of the play. When it says:

    “It follows a young female reporter working with inadequate briefing and malfunctioning equipment as she tries to interview a group of young men about their lifelong interest in horses. Outside the world is sliding into chaos. Inside nothing the riders say makes sense.”

    Clearly it should say:

    “It follows a young Creative Writing Professor working with inadequate briefing and malfunctioning equipment as he tries to instil in a group of young men and women a lifelong interest in writing avant-garde theatrical performance art. Outside the world is sliding into chaos. Inside nothing the staff say makes sense.”

    Fixed those for you.

  7. Doug Cowie

    His acceptance speech better begin, “I’d like to thank my editor, Adam Roberts…”

  8. Dan Rebellato

    Acceptance speech. Pah. As usual I came away empty handed. Mind you, I did get the opportunity to drunkenly heckle Ronan Keating so the evening wasn’t all in vain.

    Most nauseating moment of the whole Sony Award ceremony? Dr Fox asking us to stand and raise our glasses to …. radio. The great tossclump.

  9. Doug Cowie

    You should’ve raised your glass and started singing “Spirit of the Radio” instead.

  10. Doug Cowie

    ps I have no idea what the chicken is all about. Or what Rush is all about for that matter.

  11. Rush is about Science Fiction. Also Rush RULE!

    Unlike Dr Fox. Is he actually a PhD? I have my doubts.

    Commiserations to Dan for not winning. My sources say: only a split infinitive (‘to drunkenly heckle’) stood between you and glory.

  12. Dan Rebellato

    Rush rule? Where do they rule? And if you like Rushia so much why don’t you go live there? (That joke might have been witty round about 1977.)

    I am pleased to see that Dr Fox’s Wikipedia entry clarifies that he does not actually possess a doctorate. As if we might have been in any doubt.

    So it’s an honorific. Like Bonnie Prince Billy, the Reverend Horton Heat, Dr Feelgood, and King Missile, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Screaming Lord Sutch and Lady GaGa.

  13. So Lady Gaga’s not in Debretts? That casts a gloom over my day.

    True story: when I was at school, lo these many many years ago, a boy in my class, Dougie Brookes, was such a big Rush fan (this, of course, dates precisely when I was in school) that he copied out the Rush logo onto his school bag in biro. Shaded, and everything. Because the ‘R’ had a stubby downstroke it looked a little like a ‘P; and because of my internationally celebrated sense of humour (then in its nascent form) I thought it was the funniest thing in the world, to PUSH his bag, and him, every time I saw Dougie. I did this, I daresay, forty or fifty times over the course of a few days. The usually mild-mannered Dougie was riled enough that we got into a fight. I broke my arm. (But you should see the other guy etc etc).

  14. Dan Rebellato

    Thank you. As you know I’ve been commissioned to write your authorised biography but I was stuck for a title for volume one and now I have it.

    Place your advance orders for *Adam Roberts: The Violent Bully Years* on Amazon now.

    I know. I think Lady GaGa should be banned from the country for impersonating an aristocrat. What is the world coming to? Next thing we’ll probably find that no member of Reverend and the Makers has been ordained.

  15. Me the violent bully? I was the one whose arm got broke! I was the jolly innocent japester, the Hawkeye in that M*A*S*H, the Chandler amongst those friends. Roberts: the Pitiful Victim Years would be a better title.

    It occurs to me now that a lack of actual medical training would explain why those seven years I spent following Dr Feelgood’s prescription, and actually living on milk and alcohol, had such deletrious effects on my health.

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