Riffing’s Silver


More award news, but this is the real deal (rather than just a shortlisting) and concerns a Holloway graduate.

Sean Miller studied in the English department (under Professor Andrew Gibson) for a PhD on the cultural representations of string theory. Whilst doing so, he somehow found time (with his collaborator Shveta Verma) to put together an anthology of ‘Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory’: poems, a play, and several stories (including one by me called ‘S-Bomb’), finished it off with a superbly judged critical introduction written by himself, and published the whole thing with a small press under the title Riffing on Strings.

I’m delighted to report that the book has now been awarded an IPPY Silver Medal. IPPY stands for Independent Publisher Book Awards; and this is an annual competition open to independent presses. The awards ceremony will be at the upcoming BookExpo America, in NYC (May 29). Many congratulations to Sean and Shveta!  [AR]


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