3rd Year Final Project CW3010/3020/3030

Sorry the room was locked this morning; hopefully it won’t be again.

To reiterate: it’s up to you to make first contact with supervisors for your final project. If you’re doing Poetry that means emailing Kristen; if Drama, then email Dan, and if fiction then email myself, Doug or Ben.  In the unlikely event that the people interested in doing fiction divide equally into three, we will end up with balanced groups; if that doesn’t happen, some of the fiction people may find themselves reassigned. [AR]

Here’s a link to the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, which I mentioned in the lecture.  If you haven’t got £9.77 to spend on this, you’ll find it in most libraries.


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  1. Doug Cowie

    For those of you who might be thinking of asking me to supervise your final project, please include a brief description (two or three sentences) of what you have in mind for your project with your email. Also, you might also want to stop by my office hour instead of emailing, although places seem to be filling quickly.

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