Man Booker Prize 2009

The winner of this year’s Booker prize is announced tonight. See, you’re excited! You can hardly wait. The bookies, apparently, are solidly behind Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall:

Author Hilary Mantel has emerged as the hot tip to win the Man Booker Prize for her historical novel Wolf Hall. The book about Henry VIII’s adviser Thomas Cromwell is William Hill’s odds-on favourite at 10/11, the shortest odds ever given to a nominee.

Here’s what I thought about that novel: technically very accomplished writing indeed, but maybe a little not-quite-there at the edges. (I’ve also reviewed A S Byatt’s Children’s Book, here, and I’ve written about Adam Foulds’s The Quickening Maze on not one but two occasions, golly-gosh: a straightforward review, here; and another piece on Tennyson in the novel for the OUP blog, here. I’ve read the Coetzee, though I haven’t had time to write up my thoughts yet: the Waters and the Mawer I have yet to read.)

Other Booker related stuff: here, on the offchance that you’re interested, is the course blog for the 3rd year EN course I teach on The Booker Prize: Aesthetics and Commerce in Contemporary Fiction. [AR]


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