CW3020 Final Project novel Supervisors

Below are the supervisers either chosen or (if you didn’t get around to choosing yourself) assigned to you for CW3020 Final Project: Fiction. DC is Doug Cowie, BM Ben Markowits and AR Adam Roberts. If you haven’t already done so you need to arrange a meeting with your supervisor asap, and before Reading Week at the very latest.

If you’re doing CW10 Playwriting, then you need to get in touch with Dan Rebellato. If you’ve opted for CW30 Poetry, please contact Kristen Kreider. [AR]

Anderson, Sophie BM
Bull, Hayley BM
Cabieses-Beauchamp, Katharine BM
Carpenter, Caroline BM
Chan, Maxine AR
Coles, Kim-Louise KK/AR
Draganova, Boyana AR
Dray, Kayleigh AR
Dunford, Christopher AR
Ellison, Charlotte DC
Gallacher, Edward DC
Hodgkinson, Cary DC
Linge, Katharina BM
Massoudi, Sara DC
Mayo, Thomas AR
McAdam, Sarah DC
Miller, Melody BM
Nash, Zosha BM
Nelms, Catherine AR
Nunneley, Laura BM
Ottway, Shaun BM
Patient, Diana DC
Sadler, Philip BM
Sin, Matthew AR
Soh, Zealyn AR
Sugihara, Iona DC
Swindall, Thursa AR
Taylor, Lusana DC
Trescothick, India-Lucy DC
Tull, Sarah DC
Wheeler, Sebastian BM
Wong, Ian DC


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