Poetry Film at Tate Britain

PoetryFilm at Tate Britain

Friday 7th November 2008, Tate Britain, Pimlico.


19.00-19.30 Screening
20.00-20.45 Screening and Discussion – what happens behind the scenes of a film?
21.00-21.30 Screening

A selection of PoetryFilms including an animation based on 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens; a film by Billy Childish celebrating the life of Dadaist and bicyclist Kurt Schwitters; a film about love and the present directed by the subconscious; and also we go behind the scenes of a spying man with OCD who lives the same routine over and over – soundtrack by Aphex Twin.

Plus, at 8pm, a discussion about the processes of making PoetryFilms with directors of some of the films screened, and editors and writers who have featured at Cannes – chaired by Malgorzata Kitowski, director of PoetryFilm.

Tickets are free but must be collected from the Rotunda information desk – they will be available from 6pm.


For more information about PoetryFilm, or if you would like to be removed from this occasional email list, please contact info@poetryfilm.org.


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